Moffat County Locals: Ashleigh Seely builds healthy bodies, happy hearts

Dan and Ashleigh Seely and their sons David, 9, Hyram, 8, and Jonathan, 6, enjoy the holidays. Dan and Ashleigh have been the owners and operators of Trapper Fitness since 2014 and work with community members in many aspects of improving fitness.
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Maintaining well-being is more than just building a muscular physique. It’s about eating right, staying mentally fit, and plenty of outdoor engagement.

But, if you’ve got Ashleigh Seely aiding you on your health journey, you already knew all that.

Seely is a prominent part of the health world in Moffat County at multiple levels.

She and her husband Dan have owned Trapper Fitness since 2014, purchasing the longtime workout spot from Jim and Barb Gregoire with the goal of keeping the community in shape.

Along with helping others came her own journey.

“The evolution of my career has come down to precisely taking risks and embracing opportunities even when it’s frightening,” she said.

She and her spouse became personal trainers for Trapper, and she also gained certification for coaching women’s fitness, and bodybuilding, as well as overseeing clients’ nutrition.

The staff at Trapper has also expanded since the Seelys took over the business.

“We’ve grown with employees and class instructors from two in 2014 to eight for 2022, which allows us to manage out the responsibilities and offer an array of classes to children, teens and adults,” she said.

Ashleigh said she enjoys being able to help not only adults but also teens and children build better bodies. Her staff is likewise in that same mindset.

“They go above and beyond to be a light to people with injuries or elderly just needing to stay mobile,” she said. “Everything we do is geared toward leading people to a healthy lifestyle and longevity. A lot of times we pair a client with a class and custom nutrition so that they get a well-rounded plan to set them up for overall well-being . The changes we see in their performance and development are astounding. I have my staff to thank for that.”

The Seelys also have coached Craig Parks and Recreation sports and Bad Dogs Youth Wrestling and built nutrition plans for athletes with Moffat County High School and Colorado Northwestern Community College.

Most recently, Ashleigh stepped up to head the MCHS girls wrestling program, which has seen a strong start in its first month.

Ashleigh and Dan are also parents to three sons: David, 9, Hyram, 8, and Jonathan, 6.

“Beyond our careers we try to stay connected to the community through our children’s education and activities as a parent representative from Sunset Elementary for the Moffat County Activities Council,” Ashleigh said.

The Seely family holidays includes numerous traditions, such as cutting down a specially chosen Christmas tree, church services, and holiday feasts.

A bonfire and night sledding session on New Year’s Eve are other things the family is anticipating as they partake in the outdoor splendor of the region.

Ashleigh noted that the proximity to countless recreational opportunities is something she treasures about Moffat County, which she described as a “safe haven for space and solitude.”

She credited faith in God and the love of her family with keeping her going every day.

“Without their support and inspiration life would be empty,” Ashleigh said. “Dan has been the mastermind and driving force behind our every business move and solid rock for our family dynamics. He’s built up our businesses and contributed to the community in doing so. He’s helped the growth in this community. But my kids are the real MVP’s, the GOATS, and all-around greatest. We enjoy living in Moffat County and appreciate this great community so very much. We are very blessed to call this home.”

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