Arts and sports made even |

Arts and sports made even

The Gossip

In recent years, sports have been somewhat of a pride and joy for Moffat County High School. Football, volleyball, cross-country, basketball, track, swimming, and many more of the sports offered at MCHS are extremely popular among the students. In fact, many of the students themselves are also well known throughout schools and around town.

I noticed through my years at MCHS that sports teams seem to be quite popular, but there is another side of extra-curricular activities that have been rising to capture students’ interest. The arts, including choir, band, and the drama department have become more popular with students who enjoy spending their time singing and acting.

I heard things being mentioned among sports teams about their activity fees being raised while some of the band or choir students commented that it seems the sports teams are being spoiled a little bit by the school. Out of curiosity, I asked some of those students what has changed in recent years and what their feelings were on the subject. Their answers ranged from not really caring about the what the sports teams were doing to thoughts of unfairness, and while the students didn’t mention much about paying more for their own activity fees, they did talk about the budget ranges of the activities they participate in.

While budget cuts are hard on everyone and they have affected all the things students love to do, is it possible that sports are favored over the arts?

The past three years that I have been in high school, I have noticed that some things may seem to be a bit out of balance between these two sides of extra-curricular activities. While I have participated in both sports and arts, the comments from friends and fellow classmates continue to tug at my curiosity. The question still remains – how did this all come about and why? Does the school favor the sports over the arts?

The Truth

“It doesn’t matter what is more popular, what matters is that we do what we can to try and make our kids happy,” said Mr. Simon, immediately shooting down the talk about whether the sports are favored over the arts. “Everyone has a zero budget,” he continued, “and if they did the school wouldn’t take away from one budget to help with another.” As it turns out, between gate fees and the fundraising, the sports teams are able to earn enough money to get them through their season. In fact, the football team makes enough money through their season alone to carry over and help out the other sports teams.

The drama and musical departments run the same way, using the entry fees from musicals, plays, and concerts to keep themselves up and running. The past few years now, the drama department has been more popular with the public and more tickets have been sold, which has been a big help towards things they want to improve on this year.

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