Article relates mayor story well |

Article relates mayor story well

To the Editor

To the Editor,
Thank you (Editor and Christina Currie) for a very well done article last Friday (“Recall petition no good”). I’m really sorry for the way I attacked you about the other article.
I shouldn’t write when angry. I should have disagreed and left it at that. Your job must be tough. Complainers are usually the loudest. I’ve enjoyed a lot of your past work, but like most people my first public comments were on the one I didn’t like. You have done and continue to do a lot of very good writing.
Your article on Friday presented both sides very well. Mayor Blakley will try to move forward and Mr. Christoff will continue causing trouble. Nothing has changed. Mr. Christoff, why don’t you run for mayor next election? You could run an honest campaign by telling voters, if elected, you would break the town and turn it over to the county. Then, if you didn’t like the way things were done, you could recall the County Commissiners. It makes a lot of sense to say if Mayor Blakley is re-elected you will try another recall. You just enjoy wasting taxpayers money. Maybe some of our taxes should be spent on you.
During the protest hearing, if there had been any allegations that Mayor Blakley had broken even one tiny law, you would be screaming for investigations and arrests. There were numerous allegations, in sworn testimony, that indicated you might have violated state and federal statutes. But you know the routine don’t you. “White collar crime, rarely prosecuted, not worth the taxpayers money.” Maybe you went too far this time. It was pretty clear on my tape recording, “He told me what to testify to.” Maybe the DA’s office could find time to listen to parts of those tapes.
I would much rather see my tax dollars spent on that, than bogus recall elections. There I go writing while I’m angry again.
Now there’s new controversy for Christina to write about. This next Town Council meeting should be interesting. Have fun writing this one, Christina.
Mike Warden,


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