Art of the kill |

Art of the kill

Hans Hallgren
Leland Reinier cleans a skin before salting it. The mounting process begins with skinning the cape, turning it inside out, salting it to preserve it and then hanging it to dry. It is then sent to a tanner. Next, Reinier prepares and mounts the cape for a finished product.
Hans Hallgren

— Leland Reinier opened Big Cat Taxidermy four years ago in Craig. His father, Bob Reinier, is also a taxidermist and operates his own business, B&L Quality Taxidermy, in Steamboat Springs.

“I’m the L in B&L,” Leland joked.

Leland was drawn to wild life art and photorealism at an early age, and even received an offer to go to the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver before deciding on the Colorado Institute of Taxidermy Training, graduating in 1997.

“Taxidermy really is an art form. There is a process, but it is an art form,” he said.