Arloa Gerber: Reader frustrated with 1A outcome |

Arloa Gerber: Reader frustrated with 1A outcome

I don’t write letters to the editor. I just grumble in the background. But, this situation warrants someone to speak up.

My biggest frustration right now is with the voters of Moffat County on the mill levy issue. I agree that most people are fed up with taxes. The city just voted on more sales tax (which we in the county have to live with but don’t get to voice our opinion). So, why should we have more taxes for something that the city and county should go together on?

My opinion is, the two parties have almost never agreed to cooperate with each other on anything, so why should they start now? I wouldn’t hold my breath that if they were asked to meld on an issue as important as the museum and libraries, it would ever happen. After all, figures prove that the museum is the number-one thing (other than hunting) that brings people to Moffat County. If the museum was gone, no one would come to Craig to spend their money. Then, your taxes would have to go up some more (oh, no) to keep the county from folding.

People are not going to move themselves or their businesses to a place that doesn’t have something to draw money-spenders in, namely a museum and a library. We have nothing else. Hunting is just a few months out of the year. The wild horses, Balloon Festival, Whittle the Wood, rodeos, ball games, etc., are only a minute amount of time. The museum and libraries are constant.

Another thing, what do we elect our officials for — to pay thousands of dollars on a “study” to decide whether to do something or not? I thought that is what we pay them for. And to have another department to spend money on — WHY?

Hopefully, since most of you voted against the mill levy, you will come up with some really great ideas on how to keep our most valued assets around for many years to come. Grants won’t work, charging admission won’t work (that has already been tried). Come on, people. Give the museum directors and library directors some fantastic ideas.

Arloa Gerber

Moffat County

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