Area runner finishes NYC marathon |

Area runner finishes NYC marathon

Bruce Tippets

On Sunday afternoon Craig resident Jnl Linsacum survived the New York City Marathon.

Linsacum finished the 26.2-mile race and was in awe of the surroundings.

“The race was wonderful,” said Linsacum. “I have never been in a race with that many people. It was amazing and the number of people that were watching the race.

“There was so much to look at that you didn’t have to concentrate on running. The race went by fast.”

According to Linsacum, the race had a low turnout because of the weather.

“A lot of people didn’t show up because it was so cold and windy,” said Linsacum. “It wasn’t a hot day and I enjoyed the weather. It was perfect for a race.”

Linsacum was among 33,000 runners and her official time was 4 hours and 5 minutes.

“At the start of the race you heard this big bomb,” she said. “I didn’t even get to the starting line for 30 minutes. Then it was another 30 minutes before I got to run.

“I felt good during the race, but I didn’t get to see any of the top runners because I was so far behind.”

“I hope that I could run another marathon maybe in Boston.

“I think that I will take a little break from running because I am pretty sore,” said Linsacum. “My family had a fabulous time in New York City. We are really glad that we went, but we are glad that we live in Colorado.”