Area martial artists fair well at tournament |

Area martial artists fair well at tournament

Guest author

Students from the Craig Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts Institute traveled to Rawlins, Wyo., Nov. 13 to compete in the Wyoming Tae Kwon Do Championship at the Rawlins Recreation Center.

About 100 students from Wyoming and Colorado participated. The tournament was a special format specifically designed for lower belts, such as white belt through blue belt.

Before the tournament, upper belt students (purple, brown and red) and black belts participated in a seminar led by Master James Sautel from Denver. Students received special insturction on poomse (form), sparring and basic techniques.

The aims of all Moo Sul Kwan tournaments are focused on helping individual students increase abilities in self-directed learning. The values of competition such as developing strategies, developing preparation skills, and learning from one’s mistakes as well as one successes, all add to the individual’s physical, mental and emotional well-being, according to organizers.

“Students receive many benefits from participation in tournaments,” said instructor Rex Splitt. “We all know that getting up in front of people is difficult, but the more you do it the easier it becomes. Tournaments help eliminate shyness and build self-confidence.

Tournaments also give the student a chance to feel what it is like to win or lose. This is something we experience in every day life.

“Good things come from winning and losing; you learn from both. If you lose in competition, it makes you want to go back to class and practice so next time you do better.”

Craig students placed as follows: first place in poomse were Kody Fox, Jessica Bernstein and Samantha Fox; second place in poomse was Jacob Teeter, Adam Foster, Buddy Kinder, Jacquelyn Kinder and Franklin Bradley; third place were Jayne Splitt, Eric Fleming, Alex Toribio, Wyatt Uptain and Nastassija Voyich; first place in the breaking competition went to Samantha Fox and Mike McNicol; first place in sparring went to Jessica Bernstein, Jayne Splitt, Mike McNicol, Buddy Kinder and Wyatt Uptain; second place went to Jacob Teeter, Adam Foster, Alex Toribio, Kody Fox and Nancy Vallem; third place were Sally Vallem, Eric Fleming, Jacquelyn Kinder and Nastassija Voyich.