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April Vikse wants to teach the next generation

Patrick Kelly

Volunteers April Vikse

For some people, it takes years of personal exploration to a passion in life, but not for April Vikse.

"I really like working with kids of all ages, infants are my favorite," she said.

While working at day school in Oak Harbor, Washington, she focused on caring for infants and discovered how much she enjoyed working with kids that age.

Now, Vikse, who used to teach preschool at East Elementary, is hoping to carve her own career out of her love for working with young children.

"I would like to open an infant/toddler center here," she said. "There's a big need for infant and toddler areas. We have a lot of preschools and home daycares but there's not really any place that does a lot of infants."

Vikse said she is about two semesters away from completing her associate degree in early childhood education at Colorado Northwestern Community College and hopes to get her director of early childhood certificate at the same time.

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Watching young minds grow and make new discoveries is the best part of working with infants, said Vikse.

"When that light goes on, when they make that discovery, it's just rewarding," she said.

She also said there is an important role to fill other than education for people who work with children.

"There's a lot of kids that don't get the love that they need and as a teacher you can provide that,” she said.

Viske has her own 11-year-old daughter with her husband, Benjamin, who works as a technician for Moffat County School District.

Benjamin said he supports his wife's passion for early childhood education.

"If she wants to open her own daycare center or infant and toddler center, that's really cool," he said. "She's really good at dealing with small children."