Annual lawnmower race featured during Maybell Appreciation Days |

Annual lawnmower race featured during Maybell Appreciation Days

Tyler Baskfield

Lawnmowers, pigs and Maybell residents will all be busy in Maybell Park on Saturday.

Maybell Appreciation Days will take place Saturday starting at 6 p.m. Businesses from Maybell and Craig sponsor the event once a year as a way of thanking the people of Maybell for their business and support. Businesses will donate a pig and a lamb both purchased at the 4-H sale earlier this year to the dinner while people attending will be asked to bring a covered side dish.

Soon after the dinner is when things really get going. The famous Maybell riding lawnmower races start after dinner. This year there will also be a competition judging the best decorated riding lawnmower.

“We have some pretty creative mowers in this year’s contest,” said Sherrie Johnson, owner of the Maybell Restaurant. “We’ve got mowers with air horns, cut-out cows on the side and all types of things being entered.”

Their will be some “souped up” machines on hand to race for the checkered flag. Races will be followed by a dance. Members of the community will put together a band for the event. All of these events will be in the Maybell Park.

Johnson believes the event is a good way for the residents of Maybell to come together and relax before the onslaught of hunters take over the town.

“It’s something we look forward to every year,” said Johnson. “Kids adults and seniors all enjoy it, and it is a nice way for people to relax before hunting season gets going.”