Annie’s Mailbox: Tired of supporting my husband |

Annie’s Mailbox: Tired of supporting my husband

Dear Annie: I have been married five years, and my husband has never wanted to work. I am the sole support for our family. I recently kicked him out and am considering divorce. He is mean to my daughter from a previous marriage and screams and cusses at our 4-year-old twins. We have no sex life, and I am tired of supporting a bum.

I let him see the twins twice a week at my house because he has no permanent home. But I’m sick of seeing him because he lays guilt trips on me about how he has no money and no place to live. Am I wrong to call it quits?

– Disgusted in Indiana

Dear Disgusted: Is it possible your husband is depressed, making him too lethargic to work? Has he seen a doctor lately? Would he be receptive to counseling?

If he refuses to seek help or get a job, it may indeed be time to see a lawyer, although it is likely to cost you a financial settlement or alimony payments.

Visitation will be ongoing, so it helps to have an amicable arrangement. Is he trustworthy enough to be left alone in your house with the children? Can someone besides you be present when he visits? Can a grandparent’s home be used instead? Can he take the children elsewhere (i.e., a playground or zoo)? If you intend to make this permanent, please discuss arrangements with your attorney.

Dear Annie: I lost my only daughter in a terrible car accident two weeks ago. My friends and family were so supportive. I received many flowers, cards, food and even money.

I placed an ad in the newspaper, thanking everyone for their prayers and support. Should I have taken the time to send each one a personal thank-you card?

– Widowed Mom

Dear Mom: Our condolences on your terrible loss.

Although the newspaper ad was a reasonable idea, rules of etiquette say that anyone who did a kindness for you, or sent flowers, money or handwritten condolence notes, should be thanked with a handwritten note of your own. (Cards with no personal message do not require an acknowledgment.) You also can use pre-printed acknowledgment cards if you write a short personal note on them.

If this is too overwhelming, ask a relative or friend to help write these notes on your behalf.

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