Annie’s Mailbox: Lack of e-mail manners bugs woman |

Annie’s Mailbox: Lack of e-mail manners bugs woman

Dear Annie: Why do intelligent, educated people fail to practice the most basic rules of e-mail etiquette? Do they not realize how intrusive many practices have become?

One of the most flagrant abuses is to forward a message without removing the names and e-mail addresses of others.

Another travesty is the chain e-mail that promises good luck if you forward it or, worse, predicts bad luck if you don’t.

Does anyone actually believe them? And what about those that insist you demonstrate your affection for the sender by returning the message?

Please provide your readers with a refresher course in courtesy when sending personal e-mails. Thank you.

— Shreveport, La.

Dear Shreveport: Whether dealing with e-mail, phone calls or visits, it is common courtesy not to be overly intrusive.

That means asking whether someone wants to be on your mailing list for jokes, political rants, religious editorials and chain letters, and respecting the answer.

It means deleting the e-mail addresses of others, along with any extraneous material, when forwarding something.

When sending a personal e-mail, be friendly. Don’t type in all caps unless you are furious.

And please, do not send pornography.