Annie Sadvar, Peyton Pogline provide patients with reason to smile as co-winners of Best Dental Hygienist |

Annie Sadvar, Peyton Pogline provide patients with reason to smile as co-winners of Best Dental Hygienist

Left: Peyton Pogline gives a thumbs-up along with Craig Family Dental patient Jordan Woods. Right: Annie Sadvar digs into the stash of oral hygiene items on hand within Northwest Colorado Health. Sadvar and Pogline tied in votes for Best Dental Hygienist for the 2019 Best of Moffat County.
Courtesy Photo, Andy Bockelman

Healthy teeth play an important part in overall well-being, and both Annie Sadvar and Peyton Pogline hope to keep Craig residents’ pearly whites at their best. 

The pair tied for the distinction of Best Dental Hygienist as part of Best of Moffat County. 

Sadvar was voted for her work with oral care through Northwest Colorado Health. 

Her two years with the health organization have earned her the title for two consecutive occasions, and besides the enjoyment of working in her own hometown, the job is a huge improvement over her first year in the dental career field. 

The job involved living in Wyoming and working in South Dakota with an exhausting commute. 

“I drove a three-hour round-trip to work,” Sadvar said. “I love being home, I see my family more and get to have the dynamic I grew up in. It’s nice to be in that environment again.” 

More than that, the goal of Northwest Colorado Health is something that fits with her own commitment. 

“I like the mission statement that we’re helping who doesn’t get help and are willing to come get help,” she said. “That’s a big step. A lot of people don’t want to get help. Once you get them in the door, whether it’s for behavioral health or for medical or for dental, we can help them, and that’s pretty cool.” 

She added that because she’s in the proximity of other health care professionals, it’s much easier to have someone with a toothache among other issues referred to her and also track their care, particularly with medication. 

“Tooth pain is hard, there’s a lot of gray area there,” she said. “By integrating, we can determine,’ Oh, do you need pain pills for that?’ Because if you have an infected tooth, you don’t. That helps get rid of some of that gray.” 

She noted that the dental program through Northwest Colorado Health — which also won Best Clinic — continues to expand to offer more to residents, though the organization’s full offerings are still not common knowledge in the community. 

“I feel like I’m not really known about being in this little corner of the medical clinic,” she said. “It’s hard, but for me to be able to get out there, it shows we’re getting out there as a whole. We’re really pushing and really trying to get more people.” 

While Sadvar is still relatively a rookie in the field of dental hygiene, Pogline has been in the game for nearly a decade. 

Overall, she’s spent nine years with the Craig Family Dental practice. 

“I’m humbled,” Pogline said of being voted to the title. “I have a lot of really great people I work with. They’re the reason why I’m a hygienist. 

While her boss Dr. Lee Atkin repeating as Best Dentist this year, Pogline has been with the office before his time there, especially if you include her time as a patient. 

“Dr. Ilko was my doctor there, and I was in that office since I was about 3,” she said. “I worked with Ilko for about six months before Atkin took over, and it was always fun and exciting but never scary.” 

Like most of her contemporaries, Pogline said one obstacle is facing patients who are uncooperative, though the bigger impediment is of a greater scale. 

“The toughest part of my job is the access to care and being able to serve everyone,” she said. “Working in Craig, it’s different than anywhere else.” 

Pogline said within the Craig Family Dental offices, it’s always a team effort to keep people in good oral standing. Moreover, she credited Sadvar and other area personalities with their efforts to improve health. 

“Dental disease is 100% preventable, so the more people you have working on it, the better,” she said. 

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