Andy Bockelman: ‘G-Force’ features furry heroes, fuzzy appeal |

Andy Bockelman: ‘G-Force’ features furry heroes, fuzzy appeal


Rating: ''

Length: 89 minutes

Starring the voices of: Sam Rockwell, Tracy Morgan, Penelope Cruz and Jon Favreau.

Now playing at the West Theater.

The world’s most promising protectors are dedicated, they’re determined, they’re nine inches tall.

Meet “G-Force.”

The newest and smallest special agents – and hopefuls for the FBI – are a squadron of highly trained guinea pigs enabled to talk thanks to the efforts of a government scientist (Zach Galifianakis).

Led by the courageous Darwin (voice of Sam Rockwell) and rounded out by boisterous Blaster (Tracy Morgan) and confident Juarez (Penelope Cruz), G-Force is only a step away from infiltrating and apprehending a shady business mogul (Bill Nighy) who may be trying to take over the world.

Just when all is going according to plan, a shift in bureau management railroads the team into a detention center – also known as a pet shop. But, no bars can hold these pigs, especially when the safety of the world is at stake.

Live-action stars Galifianakis, Nighy, Will Arnett and Kelli Garner are as fine as can be expected, but who wants to see real people when there are computer generated rodents to be watched?

And the voice talents are formidable. Rockwell does well as straight-laced Darwin, and Morgan is enthusiastic as loudmouth Blaster.

Cruz is even better as flirty, fickle Juarez, who plays the two against each other.

Still better are pet shop residents Bucky, an irritable hamster voiced by Steve Buscemi, and flabby, flatulent Hurley (Jon Favreau), a cake-loving fellow guinea pig who believes himself to be Darwin’s long-lost brother.

Top compliments go to Nicolas Cage – who hasn’t feigned such a nasal tone since “Peggy Sue Got Married” – nearly unidentifiable as timid, myopic Speckles, a mole who serves as the team’s underground intelligence.

Get it? The mole?

When the name Jerry Bruckheimer is attached to a movie, you have to make allowances. If you take everything seriously, not only will you be disappointed, you’ll be horrified.

Yes, a troop of squeaking spies may sound idiotic at first – and a trio of mice chanting “Poop in his hand!” certainly doesn’t help credibility – but the notorious producer knows how to pick the stories that can create some movie magic.

And admittedly, in between speeding hamster balls and the antics of two of the worst young pet owners (Tyler Patrick Jones, Piper Mackenzie Harris) ever, there is a considerable amount of amusement to be found. All in all, it’s pretty subjective depending on how much goofiness you can sustain.

“G-Force” may be purely kid’s stuff, but it all goes pretty quick, so just make the most of the ride, even if the entirety of it doesn’t endear you. To be fair, at least it’s not as repetitive as running along the pet shop’s exercise wheel.

But don’t make the mistake of stopping short, lest you get swept up in the motion.

Now playing at the West Theater.

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