Andrea Minor: Help Humane Society |

Andrea Minor: Help Humane Society

To the editor:

I am a former Craig resident. Although I do not miss the winters in Northwest Colorado, I do miss working with the great folks in the Humane Society of Moffat County. They do an awesome job of finding homes for unwanted pets in your area. This year, like most, they have too many cats and kittens in the shelter and need to find foster homes for some until permanent, loving homes can be found. The other benefit of foster homes is that it provides a social environment for these cats so they are better adapted to life with children and other pets.

Please consider helping out.

Your choices often run from adult cats down to orphans who need to be bottle-fed. I’ve done this, and it is great fun to have little kittens around. The benefits to you are many.

If you have children who would like a little baby around, this provides an opportunity for them to help care for little animals with no long-term commitment on your part; or the addition of more kittens into the shelter system by having kittens of your own.

When I fostered kittens that needed to be bottle-fed, I was the most popular person on my street – I had mobs of little children calling my name and following my car up the street so they could help feed baby kittens.

Although my adult cats were not thrilled with the extra kittens, my dog didn’t seem to mind. Needless to say, these kittens were used to children packing them around and Lab spit baths.

Consider being a volunteer on one of their fundraising projects. And don’t forget to buy a calendar.

Andrea Minor