Andrea Camp right at home as new broker for Craig’s Country Living Realty |

Andrea Camp right at home as new broker for Craig’s Country Living Realty

Andrea Camp is a city councilwoman and a broker associate.
Sasha Nelson/staff

Where to find her

Broker Associate Andrea Camp

Where: County Living Realty, 304 W. Victory Way
Phone: 970-824-0223

From flipping homes to selling them, new real estate broker associate Andrea Camp is excited about the property market in the Yampa Valley.

Camp serves on the Craig City Council and used to own and operate Great Divide Cleaning with her husband Dale Camp. She started the process of becoming a broker in October, tested in December, was licensed in January and joined Country Living Realty in March.

They were both born and raised in Northwest Colorado and have “been in the valley our entire lives,” she said.

The idea of becoming a broker was sparked by Country Living’s Yvonne Gustin, but it wasn’t until the Camps had purchased a couple of houses in Hayden to renovate and resell them, that Andrea decided to make real estate her next career.

“It’s a great tie-in with that business, having the knowledge of the market,” Andrea said.

She added her training and work as a paralegal offers another useful skill set for her new work.

Her first listing will be her second newly renovated home Hayden home. The first has already sold.

“It’s fun seeing the transition from the start to finish,” she said.

She’s been showing housing for buyers and is already noticing a few trends. For example, the Hayden market is seeing homes sell within four to five days.

“Properties are moving and there’s not a lot available for sale,” Andrea said.

So far many of her clients have been locals, but she believes there will be more people moving to the area as prices continue to increase and availability decreases in Steamboat Springs and Hayden.

“There are a lot of single family homes currently on the market. I think we need new construction in this market I think that’s lacking,” she said.

She added Craig could use more “ranch-style, single-level family homes, for people as they get a little older, and families.”

“I would love to see a developer that would like to come in and do something along those lines,” she said.

Andrea added she has talked with the city manager about ways the city might encourage developers.

“I love this valley. I’m excited to help people find that perfect home,” she said.

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