American Coal wins award |

American Coal wins award

RAG American Coal Company’s affiliate, Colorado Yampa Coal Company, won the prestigious state Division of Minerals and Geology/Colorado Mining Association Reclamation Award for 2000.

The annual award, which is given for outstanding achievement in environmental protection and reclamation, was presented at the recent 103rd National Western Mining Conference of the Colorado Mining Association in Colorado Springs.

Yampa Coal Company received the award for restoring the previously-mined surface area of Eckman Mine No. 1, a former surface coal mine near Oak Creek. The Eckman No. 1 mine operated from the early 1970s to 1989 and produced approximately 44 million tons of coal for electric utilities.

Colorado Yampa Coal Company began reclamation work at the mine in the 1970s and completed it in 1991. The work included contouring the land, and planting native and introduced vegetation.