Amber Beaver once student, now teacher at Sunset Elementary School |

Amber Beaver once student, now teacher at Sunset Elementary School

Amber Beaver
surrounded by her students in her classroom at Sunset Elementary School in Craig.
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Background Name: Amber Beaver School: Sunset Grade: Kindergarten Number of years: Seven years and all in Moffat County Beaver’s career in teaching started late, as she was a stay at home mom, then worked part-time as a substitute teacher until her three children were in Kindergarten.

The latest teacher to be highlighted as part of Craig Press’s ongoing series about Moffat County teachers attended Sunset Elementary School in Craig as a student.

“It’s pretty awesome I get to teach where I came to school as a kid,” said kindergarten teacher Amber Beaver.

Beaver’s entire family — great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, her sister and nieces and nephews — have all lived or are currently living in Craig.

“Yep, we are all from here. It’s great being so close to family and seeing traditions being passed down from generation to generation,” she said.

Keep reading to learn how her family influenced her to become a teacher and how Beaver meets the challenge of teaching some of Craig’s littlest students.

Craig Press: Who most influenced you to become an educator, and how did that person influence you?

Beaver: I think my mom and my granny influenced me equally. During my senior year, I had this crazy idea that I might want to go to art school. My mom took me to Denver to tour a school. She couldn’t see this small town girl living in Denver on my own. She came home and told my granny about it, and they both talked some sense into me. I wouldn’t have made it in Denver, or as an artist. Plus, I love little people too much.

CP: If your greatest supporter were in the room with us today, what five words would he or she use to describe you as a person, a teacher or a colleague?

Beaver: I don’t know how she’d describe me, but she always says, “one thing at a time” when I’m stressed and don’t know where to start.

CP: In your experience, what is the most challenging part of your role as an educator and how have you met that challenge?

Beaver: The most challenging part is trying to meet all of the needs of the students from social, emotional to academics, from the struggling learners to the advanced. I couldn’t begin to meet those challenges without the help of the kindergarten team Denise Jenkins, Amy Jones and Teesha Reidhead. We also have a strong literacy team that floods the room during reading groups that is made up of Melany Neton, Denise Seick and Kim Hernandez.

CP: What have you read recently that led you to change your approach to your work?

Beaver: We read the book “Mindset” as a building the summer before last, and the entire school has embraced having a growth mindset. It has carried over to this school year and is exciting to see the students want to work hard.

CP: How are you involved in the community outside school?

Beaver: A lot of my time goes to my family. We have three boys that keep us very busy with their sports. I help out their teams, and with the church when I can.

CP: If a visitor came to your classroom and took a photo, what would they see in that photo?

Beaver: Collaboration at the simplest level. We are learning how to think, pair, share, and how to collaborate during playtime to make a garden out of paper, or build a trap out of blocks while we play Native Americans.

CP: What is one fun fact about you?

Beaver: I’m becoming obsessed with taking sports photographs.

CP: Is there anything else you’d like reader to know?

Beaver: I really love my job. Sunset is my second family.

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