Amanda Carrico: ‘No one’s perfect’ |

Amanda Carrico: ‘No one’s perfect’

To the editor:

I remember sitting in the Moffat County Pavilion as a teenager, when our lands were going to be regulated so that none of us would be able to afford to run our livestock on public lands, much less hunt it.

I was in awe because our entire community came together and publicly stood up for what they believed in. We may have been separate ranchers, but everyone came together for one cause.

Everyone had their disagreements, but at the end of the day only one thing mattered — defending a way of life that is the backbone of this nation.

This same principal is why I joined the Army, pursued environmental science, hunt, fish, and live in a small town.

I’ve read articles and letters over Mr. Kendall and his bear. I wonder where this close community has gone.

Who have we become to hang a citizen of our community out to dry?

After re-reading my letter to the editor, I realize I wasn’t clear enough.

I can see where some of you were offended because I stereotyped your opinions as liberal.

For that, I apologize.

I realize all of us hunters and outdoorsmen have a responsibility to be an advocate for hunting and the animals we hunt.

For those of you who are doing that, bravo.

However, being an advocate doesn’t mean hanging one of our own out for national scrutiny without defense.

Yes, ethical concerns, issues, and/or acts scar our state, community, and way of life, but so does acting like children and hazing a man and his family within the community for actions that are based on opinion as to whether they are right or wrong.

As for you Mr. Chivington, and all of your liberal, self-righteous followers, I do not apologize.

You all say that killing an animal is driving them closer to extinction.

Do you not realize the purpose of the Division of Wildlife and its sister entities is to regulate wildlife and hunting so that animals do not reach the endangered species list, but also to maintain the checks and balances between human existence and nature?

It is also their responsibility to educate our youth and citizens. You might feel differently when that balance no longer exists and the hunter becomes the hunted.

For those of you who feel strongly about how lions are hunted, obviously you’ve never been around them or hunted them.

When Colorado reviews its regulation on den hunting, I hope they can all come to a consensus on what a “den” is and make it ironclad, otherwise, we’ll be hearing about this again.

I commend everyone for believing so strongly in something, just don’t forget faith is born of deeds, not words.

Remember that when you shoot a coyote for slaughtering your lambs and don’t eat your kill or you take a shot at a cow elk bedded down somewhere with her calf on the last day of your season. No one’s perfect.

Amanda Carrico

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