Alta Wisdom: DOW, affiliates not doing their jobs |

Alta Wisdom: DOW, affiliates not doing their jobs

Alta Wisdom

To the Division of Wildlife:

I just saw another scene on TV, taking care of our wildlife put on by the Division of Wildlife: “Keeping Colorado Well.”

This makes me sick and angry. I am 83 years old and have lived in Colorado for 80 years. I couldn’t be more disgusted.

Our neighbors are out all night with car lights, flashlights and yelling. They are shooting in the air to scare the deer and elk away from their hay. I can’t blame them.

The wildlife can destroy the expensive hay the ranchers have out for their livestock. But, these elk and deer are hungry and dying of starvation. Many are wounded and have little ones that can’t even navigate in the snow.

Now, as one DOW personnel said this is natural, they should have moved out of the area sooner. This, in my opinion, is bull.

Where is the Division of Wildlife, (the group) that is supposed to be taking care of these animals when the animals need them? They say they haven’t any money. Why hasn’t the DOW done anything about this sooner?

Well, here might be a solution. Too late for this year, however. This won’t be a popular solution, I’m sure. But, at this point, I couldn’t care less.

You say the wildlife belongs to the people. The Division of Wildlife is paid and is supposed to take care of said wildlife.

Where does the money go from licenses, etc. New pickups maybe?

The ranchers for wildlife and guides make excellent (outstanding, I’d say) money from the hunters. During the hunting season, the elk and deer are great. They hunt down these animals, run them from their natural habitat in literally circles, shooting some but maiming many others.

Now, since these animals belong to the people (everyone), these ranchers for wildlife and guides should have to pay out some of their huge profits to help feed the wildlife during the year when the animals are struggling. This would only be humane.

In my opinion, the Division of Wildlife or any of their affiliates are definitely not doing their jobs.

I’m sure this letter will not be printed. It’ll step on too many toes.

Come one people, do your jobs.

Help our elk and deer.

Alta Wisdom

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