Alphi Bennett: I want the right to vote on future taxes |

Alphi Bennett: I want the right to vote on future taxes

Alphi Bennett

I don’t know about the rest of the community, but I would like to have a right to vote for or against any future taxes. If 1A and 3A passes, I can certainly kiss my rights goodbye.

So can you.

I don’t know if the citizens of Moffat County have read these referendums in full, but I do believe the people informing us and endorsing these referendums are not being totally honest with the general public.

Referendum 1A regarding the hospital: 40 years of taxes upon “all taxable property in Moffat County”; “tax shall be imposed, collected and applied in each such year to the operating and capital budget of TMH”; “as a permanent waiver of the 5.5 percent limitation under section 29-1-301.”

Do the words all and permanent scare you? They do me. Forty years. Our kids will have grandchildren by the time this is paid for. Besides the fact that a new hospital may never be built. Do you realize there are no blueprints yet? They want a new building, but have no idea what it will cost; how can they with no blueprints?

Referendum 3A regarding the School District: “the board of education may determine” how funds are dispersed. “Shall ad valorem property taxes be levied in any year, without limitation as to rate and in an amount sufficient to pay the principal of, premium, if any, and interest on such bonds.”

Wait. Are they saying they can use our tax dollars any way they see fit without voters say? Yes. Both of these referendums, if passed, will do away with the TABOR restrictions forever. If passed, both hospital and school boards will be able to spend however much they want without coming back to voters. They can raise our taxes any time they want.

Forty years? Maybe more if they make changes and increase our taxes in this time frame. I don’t want to give anyone free rein on my life and hard earned money. Passing 1A and 3A will make this happen. Become informed before you vote. I, personally, am voting no and no.

Alphi Bennett


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