Almost 5,670 Craig voters cast ballots |

Almost 5,670 Craig voters cast ballots

Number represents more than half of county's active voter roll

Bridget Manley

More than 60 percent of registered Moffat County voters turned out during the 2008 general election in Craig.

Ballots from 5,663 voters, or about 66 percent of the county’s 8,512 registered voter roll, were collected in Craig this year, according to the Moffat County Clerk and Recorder’s office.

That number includes absentee ballots, early voting and ballots cast on Election Day.

Numbers of Dinosaur and Maybell voters were unavailable as of press time Tuesday.

The number fell just short Election Judge Jennifer Riley’s estimate Tuesday morning that 75 percent of registered Moffat County voters would have cast ballots, either in early voting or on Election Day.

That prediction looked possible as results came in Tuesday evening. In the end, however the numbers failed to live up to Riley’s estimation.

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Still, there was a surge Tuesday evening before polls closed as voters got off work.

Lines to voting booths stretched long when the polls opened at 7 a.m. at Centennial Mall. As voters waited to sign in, many studied sample ballots provided by Katie Ronis and Paige Frank, election judges and Moffat County High School students.

However, the surge of voters had diminished by noon.

As they waited in line, many residents took time to study sample ballots. Voters faced a hefty ballot this year that included candidates for president, local offices and House and Senate seats at national and state levels. Voters also were called to weigh in on 10 constitutional amendments and four referendums.

Election judges and other officials said Tuesday morning on the how well the election had gone.

“It’s going pretty smooth,” said Katherine Dodd, Moffat County High School senior and first-time election judge, “We’ve had some long lines, but it hasn’t been too bad.”

And as of noon Tuesday, paper ballot scanners had worked without a hitch.

“They’re working wonderfully,” Election Judge Neil McCandless said.

McCandless, a lifelong Craig resident, has worked in more elections than he can remember. This year, however, has left an impression on him.

“I’ve never worked at an election that was this busy,” he said.

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