Allen J. Hischke: Save Yampa fishing |

Allen J. Hischke: Save Yampa fishing

To the editor:

This letter is a plea to all sportsmen who used to enjoy fishing the Yampa River, and to all taxpayers who are tired of the money being wasted shocking and killing fish in the Yampa River.

Nearly 30 years ago, I attended a meeting where I was told that the program to protect Squawfish in the Yampa River would be a 10-year program.

This waste of time, money and effort is still ongoing. At that meeting, I asked the speaker how the Squawfish were doing in the river.

He said they were "holding their own." If you ask one of these Squawfish saviors today how they are doing, you will get the exact same response.

This means that U.S. Fish and Wildlife and the Colorado Division of Wildlife has spent many millions of dollars, ruined fishing in the Yampa River, damaged the economy of Craig and accomplished absolutely nothing in the process.

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I hope that after reading this letter, everyone who used to enjoy sport fishing in the river will write to their senators and the president asking them to stop funding for this project.

According to the president, "Nothing is off limits." Now is the time to get funding pulled for the Squawfish. You should also urge the county commissioners, mayor, and city council to write letters.

Before fishing in the river was destroyed by the DOW and the USFW, people came here from all over the state to fish the river. I know because I talked with many of them.

There was a sporting goods store on Victory Way that was doing a very good business selling and renting supplies and equipment to fish the Yampa River.

That store is now closed.

There were several companies that chartered fishing trips on the river, and they are also out of business because fishing in the river has been destroyed by USFW and the DOW and their senseless shocking and killing program.

If we can act now and get the funding for this useless program stopped, fishing in the river will return to the way it used to be, and after that new businesses will open in Craig to serve the many fisherman who will be fishing the river, and the hotels and motels will sell more rooms to the out-of-town fisherman who travel here to fish the river.

But, none of these things will happen if people do not stand up and demand that funding for the Squawfish program be eliminated.

Allen J. Hischke

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