Allen J. Hischke: Response to Germond |

Allen J. Hischke: Response to Germond

Response to Germond

To the editor:

This letter is a response to Mr. Germond’s letter concerning Amendment 47 that is up for vote again this year. This amendment has been voted down several times, simply because its sole purpose is to rob labor unions of their power. This would happen because if people are not required to join unions then the dues paying members would be forced to use their funds to support and defend a bunch of freeloaders that are too cheap to pay their own way in life. This is because Amendment 47 states that even if you don’t pay dues, like any honest person would do, the paying membership must support and defend the nonpaying slackers. This is totally wrong.

A labor union’s sole purpose is to make a better life for its members.

This is accomplished through negotiations with the companies the members work for to get higher wages and better benefits and better working conditions. A labor union also defends its members against unfair treatment and violations of their contracts.

To accomplish these things requires a good deal of money, which is the reason for union dues.

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This amendment is designed to bankrupt unions so companies can run roughshod over their employees. Why do you think people like Peter Coors are backing this amendment? It is so they can cut the benefits of and pay whatever they want to their employees who have worked to make their companies grow.

Also, Mr. Germond has very little grasp of the facts. To start with, the power of any union has always been in the hands of the members. It is their choice to either participate in the unions activities or not, this is why they are called unions.

His statement that union dues are used largely for lobbying and Democratic Party donations is totally false. It is against federal labor laws for any labor union to use dues monies for political means.

Labor unions have political divisions within their organization for this purpose. These political divisions raise their own funds through donations and fund drives totally separate from membership dues. I have been involved with these organizations in many ways.

This so-called right to work amendment is really the right to work for less. Amendment 47 must be defeated or a lot of hard-working men and women will be stripped of their ability to make a decent wage and earn decent benefits. Dictated to by bloodsuckers, freeloaders and scroungers who think the proper thing to do is take a free ride off the backs of others.

If Mr. Germond thinks the proper thing to do in life is live off of the sweat of others, then he should go to a place where right to work for less is already the law and let the hard working people of Colorado earn a wage and benefits package that allows them to properly support their families and themselves.

I’m proud to be a paying union member.

Allen J. Hischke