Allen J. Hischke: Firearms regulations |

Allen J. Hischke: Firearms regulations

To the editor:

Today, I want to discuss a subject that is close to my heart and close to the hearts of many of my friends and fellow countrymen and countrywomen.

The subject is firearms regulation.

There are thousands of laws on the books as you are reading these lines. None of these laws seem to have any effect on the advance of violent crime in America.

Today, I want to tell you about a new law that I believe will do many great things to curb the violence that is endangering my constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and my ability to live safely in a free society.

What the United States of America needs today is a law that states, very simply, if someone uses a firearm to commit a crime, that person will receive a mandatory death sentence, with only one chance for appeal.

To some people this might sound like a very stern method to curb crime.

But, I ask you what else in the past 100 years has been effective at stemming the advance of violent crimes in this country?

It is my opinion that the only way to stop the use of firearms in the commission of crimes is to enact a law that is this simple and this strict.

This law should state in legal terms that if you are convicted of committing any crime, from murder to stealing a stick of gum, and a firearm of any kind was used in the commission of that crime, then you will receive a mandatory death sentence.

No plea bargains, no reduction of sentence, no nothing, with only one chance for appeal.

This law should start as a federal law, and the federal government needs to encourage all 50 states to have the same law.

With all the laws on the books, and the absence of effect they have on violent crime, I tell you this is the only thing that will work.

Making more laws that restrict the use of firearms by honest citizens will have no effect on reducing violent crime. It only makes it easier for the criminals to commit these violent crimes because they know that no one will be able to fight back because the honest people will have no way to defend themselves if more restrictive laws are enacted.

This has been proven in Australia and Great Britain. When these people turned their firearms over to the government, crime skyrocketed.

Why should Americans continue to be forced to give concessions to people that choose to act in a manner that is adverse to a free society?

A law, such as I am proposing, would give society a chance to rid itself of these people that try to break down our chances to be free and enjoy the things that the founders of this country wanted us to have – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Again, I say this is the only way it can be done.

Allen J. Hischke

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