Allen Hischke: Support recreational marijuana petition |

Allen Hischke: Support recreational marijuana petition

Recently, the Craig Press ran a story about a petition to place recreational marijuana on the 2019 municipal ballot. There was also a recent “Letter To The Editor” by Mr. John Kincaid that spoke of the tighter rein taxes and fees are placing on all of us because of the lowering tax base from energy sources.

If there are others of you that feel the way Mr. Kincaid does, then I urge you to seek out this petition and sign it. Then, when the recreational marijuana issue comes to a vote, cast your vote in favor of it.

With the recent and future reductions in energy taxes to fund our city and county, we must find another source of cash.

At the present time, Steamboat Springs rakes in about $40,000 per month in marjuana sales ( Many of the costumers who go to Steamboat live here in Craig. Some come from Meeker and from Baggs. It is time for Craig, to step up and grab some of this money.

If we had stores that sold recreational marijuana here in Craig, we would surely get all the business from any area west of Steamboat.
This is not a sinful, unethical, or evil thing to do. It might, in fact, end up being what saves our area from a slow death.

I urge everyone who wants to stop higher taxes and fees while supporting the city Of Craig to support the recreational marijuana petition and possible vote.

Allen Hischke