Allen Hischke: Go back to glass |

Allen Hischke: Go back to glass

To the editor:

I have an idea that will put many people to work, save millions of barrels of oil and clean up the environment all at the same time.

This idea: banning all plastic bottles, replacing them with glass bottles and requiring them to be returned and refilled.

The many millions of plastic bottles that are now thrown into landfills, thrown onto our roadways and just plain thrown, would no longer be a trash problem.

Also, there would be an immediate need to put many people to work.

Some of these people would check the bottles into the stores where they were purchased, others would be employed to either clean, or melt down and reform new bottles. Others still would be employed to transport the used bottles to the cleaning, or manufacturing base and to be refilled.

Along with these, the millions of barrels of oil used to produce them would be eliminated. But to me, getting rid of the plastic bottle mess and putting people to work are the most important.

This, in my opinion, is something every citizen should write to their elected officials about. Cleaning up the plastic bottle mess and putting people to work are two very important issues.

I challenge everyone to do just that – write your senators, Congressmen and the president, and tell them how easy it is to put people to work and clean up a big mess.

Yes, it might be a little inconvenient, and yes it might cost a little more.

But would you rather pay for someone to get unemployment, welfare, and/or food stamps? Or would you rather see these people working, earning their own paycheck, and paying their own way?

To me it would be an easy way to solve a big problem.

Allen Hischke

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