Allan Reishus, MD: TransWest line bad idea |

Allan Reishus, MD: TransWest line bad idea

To the editor

At a time when everyone is trying to work together to create a plan that will protect sage grouse habitat, we have a large and very invasive project proposed, the TransWest power line through the heart of sage grouse habitat. That just doesn't make sense.

Besides directly disturbing a wide swath of sagebrush habitat, this project will ruin the views of the scenic backcountry along the Little Snake River and Cross Mountain. All that country is largely undisturbed and valuable for wintering elk, mule deer and pronghorn. 

Before the BLM allows TransWest to damage critically important wildlife habitat and alter the natural beauty of our county for at least the next century, BLM needs to choose a better route for this massive power line.

Allan Reishus, MD