Allan D. Reishus: Transmission line dismay |

Allan D. Reishus: Transmission line dismay

To the editor:

I enjoyed reading about the great touring opportunities found on and around Godiva Rim, one of the most prominent and scenic features in Moffat County (Touring Moffat County: Godiva Rim, Nov. 26). Godiva Rim offers spectacular views of Browns Park, Vermillion Basin, Douglas and Cold Springs Mountains and the Flat Tops. Unfortunately, this tourism opportunity is on the verge of disappearing due to a major transmission line that the Bureau of Land Management is planning to run directly across the highest part of the rim. The transmission line, TransWest Express, due for approval this spring, offers no benefits to Moffat County, yet lacerates some of the best wildlife habitat and view sheds of the area. Other routes are available, such as along Colorado Highway 13, U.S. Highway 40 or Interstate 80 in Wyoming. The BLM should choose another route for this transmission line.

Allan D. Reishus