Al Cashion: Congrats mayor, council |

Al Cashion: Congrats mayor, council

To the editor:

You’ve got gobs of stuff to do.

Many issues to be weighed, considered, prioritized and balanced. The people’s money must be distributed efficiently and effectively to the needs of the community. It is a “daunting task,” as they say; a tough sport. Not for the faint of heart. These things and some ability issues would be my reason for not offering my name to the ballot.

So here is well-wishing and best hoping. The following is not a comment on past city councils or members. It is certainly not meant as such.

I wish and hope, above all things, for an overwhelming passion for Truth. The capital T is neither a misprint nor an error.

Truth is greater than “a” truth. A truth can be spoken in support of a lie. Observe if you will the courtroom, politics and every commercial you watch. A truth can share half a sentence with a lie. Not so Truth … When any deception is given light or allowed voice, Truth leaves. Always. It simply will not abide.

Here are a couple things I know that I know about Truth. I will avoid, for this piece, the ultimate things of Truth, which are issues of faith.

I have discovered that the most damaging lies ever told to me or about me were told by me. Self lies are the hardest to detect and almost impossible to deflect. Sufficient resolve to discern comes at great cost. I wish that all elected officials and administrative employees of Moffat County would have an awareness that this is a universal human condition in spite of, and often because of, good intentions. I suppose I wish that for everyone.

Lies can and do come from very sincere faces thinkin their sincerity to be sufficient for the test of Truth. Lies also come from liars. Practiced, skillful and often with agendas buried under strata of sound reason and large layers of truth.

Wisdom knows that Truth can be gained with intentionality, time and painful introspection. It also can be lost. And that, quickly. In order to rightfully disseminate information, to categorize it; to label it as Truth, lie, inert, beneficial or harmful, to decide upon which action is required; … fight or flight, reject or invite, mine deeper or pull up stakes, introspection with resolution is an absolute.

Truth takes no “side” save its own. Ever. It wears no one’s colors. It cheers no team.

I hope and pray that the city council members will gain proficiency at that which I’ve barely begun to learn, much less apply.

Al Cashion


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