Al Cashion: A trip through ObamaCare |

Al Cashion: A trip through ObamaCare

Al Cashion

The end.

“This is the end, my only friend, the end …”

This bizarre Jim Morrison acid trip lyric ran through my mind as FOX used a plethora of reporters and experts to inform me that ObamaCare was upheld.

I won’t debate here what will happen as congressional Republicans begin to hammer out the next battle as they claim the war is far from over.

Ultimately, we may be forced against our will to purchase a product from for-profit insurance by a government with a bad case of megalomania. Those in charge are rulers, not servants.

Or, we may continue to languish under the crippled complexity of what we have now.

It is one thing to “kill the bill.” It’s quite another to find remedy for a disastrously broken system.

Nonetheless, it’s a system for which I’m thankful as I insist on braking my body with inordinate frequency.

I’m a putz. Six decades acting two. And I didn’t do two without injury by any means.

“The End” began to play in my head while Talking Heads explained what I already knew.

There is an ominous cloud hanging over this land for all who are fond of freedom, of simplicity, of a God-given mental gift called common sense.

A gift given with a purpose and more generously dispersed than high IQ. That should tell us something. It should be utilized. Utilized especially by those gifted with both.

The Constitution is a relatively short document.

It was written with intent and intentional brevity. Simplicity was a goal in the authorship. The King and Parliament had issued all the specificity they cared to bear.

The laws that were simple were manipulated to complexity whereby they could be manipulated all the more.

Evil loves complexity.

Truth loves simplicity.

ObamaCare and all the political activity around it is a massive exercise in complexity where truth is reduced quantitatively to the proverbial “needle in the haystack.”

The complex is magnified so as best suited for manipulation.

Due to the monumental nature of this bill, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a supreme example of the operations and machinations of our federal insanity. The epitome of dysfunction.

The paradigm that may be humming … “this is the end.”

Can you hear it?

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