Agriculture & Livestock: Buzz of activity at Moffat County Fair’s home and garden exhibition |

Agriculture & Livestock: Buzz of activity at Moffat County Fair’s home and garden exhibition

Diane Prather

Diane Prather

The 93rd Moffat County Fair will be held Aug. 7 to 13 at the fairgrounds in Craig.

The fair days will be packed with competitions and other events.

One of the busiest days of the fair will be Aug. 10. That's the day youth and open exhibits in home and garden (home canning and preservation, baking, sewing and needlework, vegetables and flowers, photography and art, and crafts and hobbies) will be judged.

So what might a person find going on in the pavilion on Aug. 10?

Before 11 a.m.:

• County residents carry in anywhere from one entry to boxes filled with entries.

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• A line of people wait at the check-in table to enter their exhibits (though some were checked in the night before).

• Exhibitors fill out their entry tags to be placed with their exhibits, and neighbors help neighbors pack in their exhibits, find the department tables for their exhibits and watch small children.

• Neighbors greet one another with ""Haven't seen you since last year's fair."

• Superintendents and helpers guide exhibitors to department tables and check entry forms, making sure that the necessary information is there.

• Superintendents fill in their books with the names and entry numbers of the exhibitors and organize the exhibits into categories.

• Ribbons are sorted by color and placed where superintendents can get them during judging.

• Superintendents gather up score sheets, pencils, staples, rubber bands and, depending on the department, supplies such as can openers, knives, forks and paper plates.

• In the horticulture department, exhibitors enter vegetables and flowers and chat about the late spring and how many tomato plants they replaced because of frost.

• Newspaper reporters take photos of the early morning activity.

• Entries close at 11 a.m.

• Judges arrive, find their department areas, and then get some lunch.

After 12:30 p.m.:

• Judges begin their work, which includes some of the following: checking the "Ball Canning Books" for altitude adjustments, evaluating stitches in needlework, and cutting and tasting baked goods (and a lot more).

• Superintendents and their helpers write results in the books, write judges' comments on entry tags and staple the ribbons to the tags.

• Youth (and adults, too) peek down the rows of tables of entries, trying to see if their entries have been judged.

• Newspaper reporters take photos of the judging activities and interview exhibitors.

• Judges sort through blue ribbon winners, looking for grand and reserve grand winners.

• Once entries are judged, they are attractively arranged on tables, with special display areas for the champions.

• Judged quilts are hung from the ceiling so fairgoers can view them.

• Photography and art superintendents have a big job, hanging artwork and photographs.

• The air conditioning hums away; otherwise the pavilion would be way too hot.

If you have never participated in the pavilion's home and garden competition before, you might be surprised at the variety of possible entries — for both youth and adults.

Take the craft and hobby division, for example. You can enter items made from recycled articles such as aluminum, dryer lint, foam, glass, paper, plastic and clothes. You can enter aromatic products, too, such as candles, potpourri, shampoo, bath salts and others.

What kids could resist entering plastic construction toys made from K'Nex kits (motorized and nonmotorized), Legos and model kits?

Then, there's fishing paraphernalia, ceramics, scrapbooking, holiday items, leathercraft, woodworking and so much more.

So, stop by the Moffat County Extension Office, 539 Barclay St., and pick up a fair book. Check out the possible entries possible for judging in the pavilion on Aug. 10. Join the fun.

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