Agriculture & Livestock: 2012 Moffat County 4-H Achievement Night — Part III |

Agriculture & Livestock: 2012 Moffat County 4-H Achievement Night — Part III

Diane Prather

This is part three of a three-part story concerning awards and recognitions presented at Moffat County's 4-H Achievement Night, which took place Nov. 14 at the Moffat County Fairgrounds Pavilion.

High Point Shooting Sports Awards were based on project score and shooting score. The 2012 High Points Awards went to:

• .22: Senior Grand Champion- Natasha Sloan and Senior Reserve Champion- Dylan Villa; Junior Grand Champion- Kaitlyn Ahlstrom and Junior Reserve Champion-Lane Tuck.

• Air Pistol: Senior Grand Champion- Dylan Villa and Senior Reserve Champion- Dakota Lee.

• Archery: Senior Grand Champion- Travis Walsh and Senior Reserve Champion- Jordan Kainz; Junior Grand Champion- Casey Copeland and Junior Reserve Champion- Kimber Wheeler.

• Shotgun: Senior Grand Champion- Daniel Rockwell and Senior Reserve Champion- Tristin Bailey; Junior Grand Champion- Toryn Hume and Junior Reserve Champion- Kearn Gerber.

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This past year, Shooting Sports 4-H member Austin Luker represented Moffat County as a Shooting Sports Ambassador. He attended many state-wide functions to promote Colorado's 4-H Shooting Sports program. During the Achievement Night Program, Austin was recognized for his dedication to Shooting Sports.

Awards were presented to youth who have excelled in the area of keeping records. The following 4-H members received awards for Best Kept Dog Records.

• 1st Year Dog Records: 1st- Olivia Cass, 2nd- Tara Brumblow, 3rd- James Brumblow and 4th- Ashleigh Wheeler.

• Advanced Dog Records: 1st- Kayla Hall, 2nd- Bryson Davis, 3rd- Elizabeth Tochtrop, 4th-Chase Davis and 5th- Shannon Tochtrop.

Excelling in the area of Best Kept Livestock and Horse Records were the following 4-H members.

• One Enterprise Junior: 1st- Torin Gray, 2nd- Jared Baker, 3rd- Ethan Hafey, 4th- Darbi Zimmerman and 5th- Courtney Haskins.

• One Enterprise Intermediate: 1st- Bryce Tuttle, 2nd- Torin Reed, 3rd- Brayden Tuttle, 4th- Brittany Swindler and 5th- Sarye Morgan.

• One Enterprise Senior: 1st- Tori Snyder, 2nd- Jazmine Swindler, 3rd- Jordan Meagher, 4th- Sadye Morgan, and 5th- Seth Morgan.

• Overall One Enterprise (age not a factor): 1st Torin Gray, 2nd Bryce Tuttle, 3rd- Tori Snyder, 4th- Jared Baker and 5th-Torin Reed.

•Two Enterprise Junior: 1st- Jenna Timmer and 2nd- Gage Kawcak.

• Two Enterprise Intermediate: 1st- Mattie Jo Duzik, 2nd- Kaitlyan Reed, 3rd- Bryson Davis, 4th Josie Timmer and 5th- Joel Ross.

• Two Enterprise Senior: 1st- Alexi Goodnow, 2nd- Taylor Duzik, 3rd- Faith Santistevan, 4th- Emily Wellman and 5th- Will Pilgrim.

• Overall Two Enterprise (age not a factor): 1st- Mattie Jo Duzik, 2nd- Alexi Goodnow, 3rd- Taylor Duzik, 4th- Faith Santistevan and 5th- Kaitlyan Reed.

•Three Enterprise Junior: 1st- Payton Voloshin.

• Three Enterprise Intermediate: 1st- Katia Voloshin.

• Three Enterprise Senior: 1st- Makayla Goodnow, 2nd- Brice White, 3rd- Call Camblin, 4th- Mackenzie Camblin and 5th- Hannah Coy.

• Four Enterprise Senior: 1st- Jerica DeLong.

• Seven Enterprise Intermediate: 1st- Andrea Maneotis.

• Overall 3, 4, and 7 Enterprise (age not a factor): 1st- Makayla Goodnow, 2nd Payton Voloshin, 3rd- Brice White, 4th- Call Camblin and 5th- Katia Voloshin.

The following 4-H members had record books that excelled over all of the record books scored. The age and enterprise were not a factor. The Overall Top Five Record Books were: 1st- Mattie Jo Duzik, 2nd- Alexi Goodnow, 3rd- Torin Gray,

4th- Makayla Goodnow and 5th- Payton Voloshin.

Awards were also given to 27 county 4-H clubs in the categories of Club Completion, Community Pride, and Herdsman Award. Club Completion certificates were presented to those clubs that had 100 % completion (all of the members completed at least one project area) and to those clubs that had at least 75 percent completion (at least 75 percent of their members completed at least one project area).

Community Pride certificates were given to 4-H clubs that have completed community service projects in the 2012 4-H year. And each year the Moffat County 4-H Foundation gives club awards for beef, sheep/goats, hogs, and small animals based on a list of criteria that includes sportsmanship and keeping pens and alleyways clean.

Congratulations to all of the 4-H members on their achievements in 2012!

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