Adrian S. Gray: Be fair with trucks |

Adrian S. Gray: Be fair with trucks

To the editor:

OK, we in the trucking industry understand that most people do not like truck traffic.

But, if we are to be fair about this whole situation, then let us review who pays the most to use the roads here in our fine state.

I can tell you that your car registration fee is miniscule in comparison to that of a straight truck, meaning one without a trailer.

Now, let us add the fee for the trailer and insurance for the equipment, load and un-insured motorists, as well as liability insurance, and your monthly mortgage payment has now been surpassed.

Do a little homework, and you will realize that we pay for more of the roads than you pay, and yet we have to listen to you gripe and complain because of your disrespect and impatience.

I would personally love to see all truck traffic diverted around town, mainly because where the trucks go, the money follows.

Wal-Mart doesn’t have a problem with trucks. Check out their parking lot. Truck parking is allowed.

Put your loud mouth to good use and fight for a good route.

Get us out of town on the current route, and we will have to listen to you complain about having to slow down when a west-bound truck turns south onto First Street, and you have to slow down to let him complete his turn.

Or if you get stuck behind a truck at First and Ranney streets, and have to wait for north- and south-bound traffic to clear far enough for a loaded truck to cross that intersection.

Then we get off the bypass, and you have to slow down because a loaded truck is trying to climb the little hill north of the city.

Adrian S. Gray

Maintenance Manager for the company with the shop just a little north of First Street, the company that employs more shoppers than any of the downtown businesses

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