Adam Mercier: Jumping off bridges |

Adam Mercier: Jumping off bridges

To the editor

Recently, I remember my cousin giving me a hard time about having a New Belgium beer company sticker on my car. I told him that I like the beer but not the company. But something interesting happen this morning while I was waking up and this is little statement came to mind; some information is needed for this part. Remember when we were kids, great times, when your mother asked you why you did something and you replied with this: “Everyone else does it.” Here is the usual question that they asked us, “So if everyone jumps off the bridge, would you do that?” Of course the answer is, “no” from us, but here is the meaning that I thought about it. If we were taught to be individuals when we were younger and today with the WildEarth Guardians versus Craig, Colorado, (coal industry that we have), we decided to jump on the band wagon or what the cool kids are doing. So are we basically jumping off the bridge because some well-known and popular people did what they did to boycott New Belgium beer company for donating a small amount, and they are getting punish for that because we don’t have the whole story of the situation. So, in my opinion, I am not jumping off the bridge because some popular person or people did. I am going to do, what I need to do, so I don’t fall into some witch hunt, like the Salem witch trials in the 1600s. Yes, I am going get a lot of negative stuff about this, but I don’t care because I was taught to be reasonable but have a solid head and think for myself than follow the popular people. I am individual, and if you don’t like it, no sweat off my back. So who are we kidding, ourselves or the WildEarth Guardians in who can be better at destroying an industry or protecting it?

Adam Mercier



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