Actions of teen-aged Christmas angels leave resident with feelings of faith, hope and love |

Actions of teen-aged Christmas angels leave resident with feelings of faith, hope and love

To the Editor:

I happened to be in Buena Vista the weekend of Dec. 6. Having some free time, I went for a little drive down the streets admiring the century-old homes, and I saw a sign — cemetery to the left.

I turned and about a block up from the main street on the left, sure enough I saw the cemetery. I pulled my vehicle off to the side of the road, picked up my camera and began my stroll through the cemetery.

As I was wandering around looking at the artwork of the stones, I noticed three young girls toward the back of the grounds huddled together.

The first thought that crossed my mind was “just what are they up to?”

I continued my walk past gravesites with one ear perked up curious to what these three youngsters were doing.

I then noticed one of the girls taking plastic flowers out of a bag and handing some to each of her friends. I continued walking amongst the graves drawn closer to the goings-on of these three girls.

Hoping not to be too conspicuous, I heard one of them say, “Oh look, this one doesn’t have any decorations on it at all, let’s put some flowers on this gravestone.”

I stopped right there and watched the trio skip with such enthusiasm to the stone. They carefully set the flowers down, stood silent for a few seconds, and said in unison “Merry Christmas.”

I just stood there astonished. Here it was, an unusually beautiful Saturday afternoon and most kids would be at the park playing with their dog, watching television or listening to their CD player, yet these three girls were making sure that those that were long gone were not forgotten.

I am now trying to keep my composure and not let them see me wiping tears from my eyes. I tried to refocus on what I was there for, to take pictures of the wrought iron and stones. The girls are moving closer to me and I asked them if I could take their picture. They agreed and I snapped the shot.

They continued on their way — visiting gravestones with their cheerful wish and I slowly walked to my vehicle. I did not think to ask their names, but I really didn’t need to. As I drove away with tears streaming down my face, I realized I met three Christmas angels — Faith, Hope, and Love.

Reneta Kawcak,


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