Access for disabled persons to public land a concern |

Access for disabled persons to public land a concern

To the Editor

To the Editor,
I am writing as a concerned disabled person who was recently in your state of Colorado, which is supposed to be a friendly place to visit, of which I have visited for the past 30 years mostly to hunt.
I was on some private property which I did not know I was on. They fined me $137 for which I still am not sure if I was tresspassing or not, but my main concern is access to public property by disabled and those who are not able to walk for several miles. There should be access to public properties without the expense of paying a farmer $2,000 to $5,000 to cross his property. Also, I have been run off of public property by farmers that charge people to elk and deer hunt. I was also treated unfairly by the officers that handled the situation. They took the farmer’s word over mine and said I was guilty.
If this is not corrected then this is one hunter out of several, including, my father who is unable to walk and has hunted here the past 30 years as well. I will also be contacting other hunters and sportsmen that are disabled. Public lands should be accessible to all people, without the difficulty that private land owners put upon us.
In Northern Colorado and other places in Colorado private land owners are getting rich off of public lands and wild game.
Gary D. Lanigan,
Eubank, Ky.