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$50K awarded to Moffat County United Way to support Bridges Out of Poverty program

— People struggling to overcome poverty in Craig and Moffat County may have a better chance after a $50,000 grant was awarded on Tuesday to Moffat County United Way for the “Bridges Out of Poverty” program.

“The funding will go to ‘Getting Ahead Classes’ and community education to continue to provide the awesome service to the community,” said Kristin Olson, community impact coordinator for Moffat County United Way.

The Daniels Fund — a private foundation providing grants to support highly effective nonprofit organizations in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming — will provide financial support to the program over the next two years.

“We really appreciate the support we are getting from Daniels Funds. Without support from funders like the Daniels Fund we would not be able to provide this program to the people in the community who need it,” said Amanda Arnold, Moffat County United Way executive director.

This is the second time the Daniels Fund has provided $50,000 in support of Moffat County United Way.

They also awarded an identical financial gift in 2014 and as a result almost 100 local families have been given the tools to become self-sufficient.

Olson noted the benefits are many, including people having secure housing, food security, employment, money management skills, access to transportation, debt management, parenting and communication, as well as mental health support like overcoming addiction and abuse.

The 90 percent graduation rate for the Moffat County program is much higher than the 75 percent national average. About 12 percent of graduates are self-sufficient compared to a national average of 4 percent, Olson said.

Bridges Out of Poverty was developed by Ruby Payne — an expert on the mindsets of economic classes and overcoming the hurdles of poverty, according to her website ahaprocess.com.

The program provides training and tools to communities trying to lessen the individual and social consequences of poverty.

“People from all economic classes come together to improve job retention rates, build resources, improve outcomes and support those who are moving out of poverty,” Olson said.

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