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5 tips for staying healthy at the Moffat County Fair

A 14-member, all volunteer team of Emergency Medical Service providers treat fair-goers for minor injuries. Pictured: Dan Bingham, left, Laura Secules and Janic Nicoletto at the driver's wheel of the all terrain vehicle the team uses to haul equipment across the fair grounds.
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Moffat County Fair is underway with hundreds of animals and people participating.

Long days, large crowds, variable weather, dust and unpredictable animals are a few of the hazards faced by fair goers.

A crew of volunteer Emergency Medical Service providers from the EMS reserve is on hand to help administer care during the fair.

Small teams attend every animal show to provide immediate assistance in the event of accidents or injuries, and they can call for an ambulance if needed.

We caught up with three of the 14-member team — Dan Bingham, Laura Secules and Janice Nicoletto — for their tips on staying safe and healthy during the fair.

1 — Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated is an important part of staying healthy at fair, Nicoletto said. Water is available from many of the facilities. Fill up a water bottle at the Pavilion, Grand Stands or Livestock Barn. Additional beverages are available from food vendors in the midway.

2 — Slip, slop, slap and shade

It’s easy to get too much sun during the long days of fair, Bingham said. Slip on some sunglasses; slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat. Enjoy the shade provided by the many tents and green spaces at the fair grounds.

3 — Keep your fingers to yourself

The EMS reserve team treats lots of scratches, scraps, sprains, and injuries resulting when animals step on people, Bingham said. Be alert around the animals. Try to stay clear of the busy walkways during shows. Ask permission before approaching or touching the animals.

4 — Boost your immune system

It’s important to find time to rest even in short bursts. Nicolleto said these “micro rests” are important. Staying rested can keep the immune system functioning well and that’s important when exposed to large crowds of people said Bingham. He recommends supporting your immune system with extra vitamins and healthy eating to ward-off illness.

5 — Help is at hand

When accidents and injuries happen, the EMS Reserves will be there to help Secules said. They use a utility vehicle to transport their equipment and the team stays mobile using radios to communicate and move where they are needed most. “We have plenty of band aids and we’ll come to them,” said Bingham.

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