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‘#2mamasrollin’ roll out from Craig for their third summer of adventure

David Pressgrove / Craig Press
Tiffany Trevenen (left) and her mom, Marilyn Eddins, are on their annual summer road trip to visit State Capitol buildings.
Courtesy Photo

Last week Tiffany Trevenen and her mom, Marilyn Eddins, packed up their Jayco camper for their third summer of what they’ve termed #2mamasrollin.

Although this summer might look different, Trevenen said it will be much of the same.

“Just the two of us out exploring and visiting state capitols,” Trevenen said.

The idea came from a Facebook post that included a trip map to landmarks throughout the United States. Before retiring, Eddins, worked at the Colorado State Capitol as the head clerk for the House of Representatives. Trevenen said that instead of landmarks, they got out a map and started to look for routes to the capitols because of the connection to her mom’s work.

The map they have in their RV currently has 22 State Capitols marked off. So far, all of the trips have been west of the Mississippi River.

Trevenen has worked for the Moffat County School District for more than 30 years, so she has been able to take the summer break to get most of the trips done. This year they were going to go to Austin, Texas during spring break but that trip was postponed because of COVID-19 Stay-at-Home orders. They also plan to fly to Hawaii during Christmas Break.

Courtesy Photo

Almost all of their journeys have been west of the Mississippi, but this summer the first leg of their trip took them to Kentucky, where they have been staying with family. The plan for the capitol visit of Frankfurt has been delayed.

“There is a Black Lives Matters rally there today, so maybe tomorrow,” Trevenen said from the road last week. “So we might have to turn this into a five-summer trip.”

From the looks of the video logs that Trevenen has posted on her Facebook book page, it looks like the two would be just fine with another road trip together. Their videos show a mother and daughter enjoying many moments of laughter and joy, like the following dialogue during a stretch of road with thick forest surrounding the travelers.

“Hey mom.”


“We’re not in Kansas anymore.”

“No we are not, and those forests are scary.”

“How many dead bodies do you think are in there?”

“Well not mine.”

The conversation itself cannot be conveyed properly without inserting laughter between the two.

“We just have a lot of fun and inside jokes,” Trevenen said. “Lots of memories.”

Some of the memories include the adventure of being in an RV.

“I’m definitely better at driving the camper now,” she said, referencing a thrilling time when she turned through three lanes of traffic to make an exit in Wisconsin.

Another memory that kept Trevenen is watching the movie Deliverance while camping in the deep woods of Arkansas.

“It was a little bit too close to home that night,” she said. 

In Arkansas they also got to hold $1 million because the state treasury is also at the Capitol.

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