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25 Shades of Craig: Women’s Rolls

Women have always filled many roles in their lives and they still do.

We serve as wives, chefs, nurses, housekeepers, employees, therapists and friends.

But probably the most important and influential of these roles is that of a mother.

It is the most challenging and most rewarding job out there, and as times change, so too do the demands.

Whenever I talk about doing something for myself around my mom and her friends I always hear the response, “You are a mom. It’s no longer about you, it’s about your child.”

Usually my response is that for so many years the focus of a woman’s life has been dedicated to caring for children and spouses. Rarely is it ok for women to take a moment for themselves.

We are the ones who will stay up late at night making cookies, sewing costumes and folding laundry, just to wake up at the crack of dawn to get the kids ready for school.

We get so wrapped up in where our kids should be and what to make for dinner that we forget about ourselves.

I know that at times I just want to be Trinity. Not Sam’s mom or Steve’s wife, but Trinity Nicks.

We focus so much on everyone else that when we do take time for ourselves we feel guilty, and it shouldn’t be that way. We all need a little time to ourselves to refill, reboot and rejoice about what we have.

When our cup is full we are not only happy we are also healthy. So, take a little time for yourself and don’t let the feelings of guilt sneak in.

Do something that you enjoy, because when mama is happy, then everyone is happy.

If you have any topics that you would like to see addressed in the 25 shades of Craig email trinitynicks@gmail.com

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