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25 Shades of Craig: Single-parent dating — part 2

Dating a single parent has it benefits and its drawbacks.

You are no longer going to be involved in only one person’s life. As a single parent you should have enough respect for you and your child to take any relationship slow and steady.

Slow and steady does not mean moving in with a budding love interest within the first week or month. Your children are your responsibility and when you bring people in and out of their lives it not only hurts them but also confuses them.

Have some respect for yourself, for your child, and their feelings.

This leads us to the second rule: No sleepovers for myself or my ex while our child is present.

When a child is small they sometimes make their way into the parents’ bedroom in the night. And even when a child is not small, imagine how it feels to wake up in the morning to see someone in your house that does not belong there.

Your house should be your child’s safe place and when you bring people in and out of your home it is no longer safe.

Our third rule is that our child already has two parents who love her and are active in her life. If anything is said in front of our child that is negative about the other parent then that person will no longer be allowed around our child.

Our child loves and looks up to both of us, and she does not need to hear anyone saying anything negative about her parents. Remember, your child should always be first and foremost in your life.

This does not mean that you can’t have fun, just be safe and respectful.

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