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25 Shades of Craig: Love languages

Trinity Nicks

Knowing that you are loved and feeling loved are two totally different things.

When you feel loved your attitude towards everyone and everything changes. When your “Love Tank” is full you feel validated, appreciated and unstoppable.

You would walk to the ends of the earth to make the person who loves you this way feel that way back.

The problem there lies in knowing the difference between knowing that you are loved and feeling that love.

I knew that my husband loved me but he neglected to make me feel that love. He was a good provider and friend.

I would tell him that I needed affection. I needed him to hold my hand, hug, and kiss and cuddle me.

I also needed to be complimented on the things that I did, like the house being clean or dinner tasting good.

It wasn’t that he didn’t understand what I was talking about he just didn’t realize that those things made me feel loved. His way of showing love was to provide for our family and to come home every night.

We both loved each other, the problem was I showed him love the way that I needed to be shown love, and he did the same. Our love languages were not the same and it wasn’t till after reading “The 5 love languages” by Gary Chapman that I realized this.

I now understand that my love languages are physical touch and words of affirmation, and that is why I didn’t feel loved. It wasn’t because he didn’t love me he just didn’t know how to love me in my love language.

So if you know you’re loved but not feeling loved may I suggest defining what language of love fills you up.

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