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20 Under 40: Trinidad Loya thrives in worry-free lifestyle in Moffat County

Trinidad Loya enjoys a quite moment on the patio at The Barrel Cathedral in late January. (Max O’Neill / Craig Press)

Trinidad Loya is an industrial electrician at the Tri-State power plant. As a result of the impact on his community and his co-workers at Tri-State, he has been nominated for the Craig Press’ annual 20 under 40 honors.

Loya answered some questions about his life, his musical tastes and more.

What is on your playlist? I listen to a lot of different music from Pop, and Country to Hip Hop. I enjoy Bruno Mars, Sam Hunt, Luke Combs, Drake, and many others.

Can you describe yourself in 3 words. I would say loveable, family, happy.

What is the best book you have ever read? This one is a hard one but I really enjoyed reading “T is for transformation” by Shaun T. I try to read motivational type books to help me out in various ways.

What’s your favorite go-to local dish? I would have to go with Gino’s The Rancher Burger and fries. I almost always pick that when we order out.

What is it about Moffat County that sticks out to you when you think of home? Moffat County for me gives me peace of mind and a worry free lifestyle. I was born and raised here so I know what Craig was like when I was little, and now I get to see what Craig is like for my two kids. I enjoy running during the spring and into the fall. You might have seen me out there prepping for the Steamboat half marathon a time or two.

I love golf and our course is everything you could ask for within a small community like ours. A great community to raise kids and enjoy the renovated parks that we have now. There are a lot of outdoor activities that we do. We enjoy boating, swimming, fishing at elk head reservoir. But what makes Craig home for us is having both my parents and my wife’s parents here in town to enjoy them and the family time that we get.

What are you most proud of when it comes to your personal or professional accomplishments here? I am very proud to have the family I have. My wife and kids make me smile and boast like no other. My parents make me proud for the way they brought me up and to see how much they love my little family that we have now. My in-laws are a family that I am proud to be a part of too. They accepted me from the start and I couldn’t ask for a better pair of parents to help raise our kids too. My professional accomplishments have been throughout the last 20 years. I finished my Associates in Business last spring. I’m very proud of that because I had one class left to get the diploma and I finally got it done. Calculus is no joke!! LOL.

At Tri State G&T, I am an industrial electrician, which I went through an apprenticeship to obtain. I am very proud of this accomplishment because I had no electrical experience prior to it so I feel like I have learned a lot and I still have a lot to go to become great at it.

How do you hope to grow both personally and professionally in 2021? I hope to grow everyday spiritually. I hope to keep learning and mastering the skills I have at work. I hope to challenge myself physically and run another half marathon this year in Steamboat. I also want to win the Cottonwood Classic at the golf course.

What is the best business advice you have ever received? I have never owned a business but my parents owned a restaurant. My wife and her mom own a salon. The best thing that I can come up with is to be a hard worker. I remember my mom and sister waking up early to kick off a breakfast menu at the restaurant and they would be there until 11pm some nights. They both showed great pride in our little restaurant and the many times that I have heard over the years… Man I wish Casa Loya was still around! Makes me proud every time!! My wife and mother in law both work with their clients, making their schedules around them, and making them feel good about themselves. They both show great interest in their clients and really listen to them about their lives. So the other great thing about business is listening to the client.

Be a therapist for someone, you can change someone’s crappy day into a great one if they can get something off their chest. Business is tough these days but we all can adapt and make it if we keep trying. Don’t give up the fight.

With people looking to move out of the city and into smaller communities, what advice would you give to those 40 and under moving to Moffat County? I would say, enjoy the slower pace of Craig and soak up all the outdoor activities that it has to offer. The people, the businesses, and the way of life makes you appreciate what a small town has to offer, lend a hand when you can, and help this community grow with these challenging times that we are facing.

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