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20 Under 40: Jesse Doolin keeps working through changes in energy industry

Jesse Doolin works hard in the energy industry as well as with Craig Fire/Rescue.
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Between the energy industry and serving as part of the Craig Fire/Rescue crew, Jesse Doolin’s work life is a busy one.

With nearly half his life spent in his line of work, Doolin has developed a mastery of many things on the job but is also always ready for the prospect of change.

In your chosen career field, how has the job evolved since you first began?

I work in a pretty progressive industry and it’s always changing. However, I started at the bottom as a utility worker. I took a three-year apprenticeship and once I completed it, I journeyed out as a maintenance mechanic.

How do you feel your line of work is different from someone in a similar job a generation before you?

They were probably able to generate power under lighter restrictions. There are so many rules and regulations now. The government has made this industry so tough to operate. We offer some of the cleanest energy around with an affordable price tag, too.

What kind of challenges do you feel like you and your coworkers will face in the next decade?

In the next decade we are faced with finding other employment. The truth is in the next 10 years the economic hardship for Craig will be tough! I have 16 years of energy-related experience. I’ve been doing this since I was 19 years old. We also may be faced with temporary power outages due to these changes.

What is the most rewarding part of your job on a day-to-day basis?

I’m there when something goes wrong or breaks down. I’m happy to come home and turn my lights on. One day, power may not be guaranteed. There are many states that have power outages for days at a time.

I think we have an old school work ethic and a handshake still means something here. Our future is only as good as we make it!

Jesse Doolin

If you hadn’t gone down your particular career path, what else would you have liked to do with your life?

I’m on the Fire Department as well. I would like to see Craig have a full-time station. This is where my passion is. I am proud to serve this community!

What types of jobs would you avoid at all costs?

I’m pretty humble. I would do anything to feed my family.

How do you feel your work-life balance differs from those of your parents/grandparents?

I only work 14 days a month. That gives time for my family, the fire department and I even get to throw in some snow machining. My mom worked two jobs and didn’t have the flexibility when my brothers and I were growing up.

How do you feel everyday life is better or worse in 2020 with certain technology shifts?

We can use technology to pretty much do anything! That’s where I have learned to do all the renovations on our house. But I do think it’s dumbing our children down and making people socially awkward. So it’s a toss-up. 

What kind of strengths or weaknesses do you believe your generation brings to your career field?

I think my generation has the ability to do hands-on work and be technologically savvy. We also can take constructive criticism without being offended.  

How do you feel your generation fits into Moffat County’s future?

I think we have an old school work ethic and a handshake still means something here. Our future is only as good as we make it! I want to be a part of changes as we shift into new jobs. I want to serve my community more. My whole family is from this area, and I intend to weather the storm and continue to raise my family here.

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