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20 Under 40: Brette Westberg sells beauty, uniqueness of Moffat County to RE/MAX clients

Brette Westberg's smile gleams beneath the shiny office signage for RE/MAX.
Andy Bockelman

Real estate can be a tricky business in today’s day and age, but for Brette Westberg at RE/MAX About You, real estate is an area of opportunity to grow one’s technological knowledge, as well as selling the surrounding area.

Westberg originally went to school for business, but finding herself sitting at a desk all day without interaction was a real bore, leading to a career change.

Now, Westberg works in an environment that she loves, which challenges her daily, leading to internal growth. That growth and challenge has led to a positive outlook for the young real estate agent.

“Brette grew up in the valley and has been giving back ever since,” said Anna Cunico, who nominated Westberg for “20 Under 40.” “She moved away after college and the beauty and uniqueness of Craig soon brought her back. With her people skills, smiling face and overall great attitude, she has always been gifted with helping people… You ask most people, Brette is always there to lend a hand for anyone that needs it.”

In your chosen career field, how has the job evolved since you first began?

I am fairly new to my career field as a realtor, though in my time I have learned how important it is to stay active in the community and be ready for changes that may affect the market here. Since real estate relies so heavily on outside factors it is ever-evolving, so I think it is important that I also evolve.

How do you feel your line of work is different from someone in a similar job a generation before you?

Real estate for myself in comparison to prior generations has been hugely impacted by technology. The profession has gone from a face-to-face service to an online canvas. Today, we use primarily online marketing, from our local MLS to syndicating to other larger online platforms such as Zillow; we use electronic contracts, electronic signatures, and do most of our contact through email and cell phones. I feel it is important to understand the use of technology and how real estate has changed because of it. We now have the ability to reach a larger consumer pool, being on the forefront of technology and using it affectively is a huge factor that realtors will need to hone to be successful in today’s market.

What kind of challenges do you feel like you and your coworkers will face in the next decade?

A challenge would be that the real estate market is so heavily impacted by outside factors. The market continuously goes through temporary highs and lows. As we see changes ahead for our community, we need to be able to adjust. As a realtor in Northwest Colorado I am not only selling homes here, but I am selling the area. The product isn’t changing but the way we market will so adapting to those changes will be crucial in our field.

What is the most rewarding part of your job on a day to day basis?

When I first started my professional career, it was an office job where I sat at a desk all day and had little to no interaction with coworkers. As a real estate agent each day is different. The profession compels me in every aspect, there is so much to learn, to do, design, marketing, strategy, finance, risk management and working with people. To be able to use my knowledge to assist others, while also creating a connection with the people of the community is what really makes what I do rewarding.

If you hadn’t gone down your particular career path, what else would you have liked to do with your life?

For a period, I thought about going into a teaching profession. I worked with a group called Totally Kids in Hayden. I absolutely loved working with those kids, getting to see them grow, and having an impact on their day. At the time I was also going to school to obtain my business degree and I feel this experience really shaped my perspective of what I wanted to do, I wanted to use those skills I had acquired through my education but also work with people and make connections. I wanted to have an impact on those around me and real estate became that for me.

What types of jobs would you avoid at all costs?

I would have to say any job that requires me to sit at a desk all day with no outside interaction. I am a “busy bee” and sitting all day with no communication for me would be a big no. I love that I am able to be out and about and see what this community has to offer and be a part of that. My passion is working with people and having a positive impact on those around me.

How do you feel your work-life balance differs from those of your parents/grandparents?

It is so important to maintain a healthy work-life balance and it is hard to do in a competitive profession like real estate. I think my generation is a generation who has a hard time balancing a professional life and a personal life. I could take a lesson from my parents/grandparents – it is important to work hard but it is also important to make time for yourself and your family and I truly believe it takes time to learn that balance.

As a realtor in Northwest Colorado I am not only selling homes here, but I am selling the area. The product isn’t changing but the way we market will so adapting to those changes will be crucial in our field.

Brette Westberg

How do you feel everyday life is better or worse in 2020 with certain technology shifts?

I do not think it is necessarily better or worse as it is just different. Today, the world is in constant communication and technology makes it easy to connect. This has its advantages and disadvantages — having the ability to connect is amazing, we are more aware of the world, and we can use it to our advantage to become a better version of ourselves. Technology is reshaping professions and creating more educated consumers. It is incredible to see how it has shaped our daily life. With that said though, it is so hard to unplug, and I think it is important to know when technology is needed and when it isn’t. I have really been trying to unplug every night when I get home so that I can take a break and spend time with my husband with no outside distractions. Technology is amazing and offers so much opportunity but much like work-life balance I think it is important to know how to balance using it as we go forward.

What kind of strengths or weaknesses do you believe your generation brings to your career field?

I feel my generation brings a knowledge of technology to real estate. As education focuses more on the teaching of technology, my generation has been prepped to affectively use technology in real estate. I think this is both a strength and a weakness, as we go forward, technology has reshaped the real estate profession, as it has most professions, so being educated on where we are and where we could be is a huge strength — though with technology we are going farther and farther away from face-to- face interactions and I think this a huge loss. Being a realtor is about creating connections and face-to-face interactions play a huge part in that. As we rely more and more on technology, we lose that.

How do you feel your generation fits into Moffat County’s future?

Moffat County has so much to offer. By capitalizing on the use of technology through innovative ideas my generation brings a different perspective and will use that to help shape Moffat County’s successful future.

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