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20 Under 40: Aubrey Wojtkiewicz promotes good mental, physical, spiritual wellbeing for Moffat County

Andy Bockelman
For Craig Press
Aubrey Wojtkiewicz leans on the outdoor sign for Northwest Colorado Health. A registered nurse for the organization, she has worked hard to bolster community health during the COVID-19 pandemic while also maintaining a stable family life. (Andy Bockelman / For Craig Press)

As a designated frontline worker amid a global pandemic, 2020 and beyond haven’t always been easy for Aubrey Wojtkiewicz, but balancing being a wife, mother and registered nurse are a little bit easier when she can do it all in the place she loves.

As part of the staff of Northwest Colorado Health, Wojtkiewicz has had a busy year alongside fellow health care personnel. But, COVID-19 concerns haven’t been her whole life as she has worked to focus on family and community.

Coworker Kaitlyn Wondra nominated Wojtkiewicz for “20 Under 40” based on the many strong qualities she shows daily.

“She is the first to volunteer and does not know the word no! She cares for her patients, puts others first, worships the Lord, is a mother to two amazing kids and a loving wife,” Wondra said. “When she is not working as an RN she helps out with Young Life and is an amazing leader and mentor. Everyone who knows Aubrey will tell you she is a breath of fresh air!”

What is on your playlist? Mostly Christian artists like Needtobreathe, Brandon Lake, Natalie Grant, and Tauren Wells, but I also have some SteelDrivers/Chris Stapleton and Tyler Childers as well.

Describe yourself in 3 words. Goofy, open, unfinished.

Best book you have read? “Love Does,” Bob Goff.

What’s your favorite go-to local dish? We have some amazing locally owned restaurants with some bomb dishes. The Brisket Salad from Seasoned Brisket was my go-to when I was pregnant. It’s super filling, and so flavorful!

What is it about Moffat County that sticks out to you when you think of home? Its wide-open spaces and ability to give so many people that feeling of seclusion that we can all crave, sometimes. God gave us the outdoors to center us; to appreciate it, to utilize it, and to care for it. I am thankful that we are so close to nature while still having the comforts of modern civilization.

What are you most proud of when it comes to your personal or professional accomplishments here? I’m proud that Moffat County has provided me access to the opportunities to obtain my nursing degree locally. I have been fortunate enough to be able to remain here and provide care for the community that has offered me so much throughout the years; and now I work just feet from where I was born! I’m grateful for the ability to have developed strong personal and professional relationships that have allowed me to foster a unique bond with patients that is hard to find in larger communities. A rewarding accomplishment of these relationships was when I was recognized by the community as Best Nurse in Moffat County.

How do you hope to grow both personally and professionally in 2021? I’ve been praying a lot about both of these things, lately. Balancing a career and parenthood has not been easy for me, to be honest. We had our second child in February of 2020, and the adjustment has taken quite a toll on my mental health. I have a ton of support from every angle; our families, our friends, and our jobs have been extremely supportive of our family and career lives, and I still feel like a failure, at times. It makes me wonder that if I’m struggling with it as many people that are lifting me up, how much are others struggling? It also makes me want to find ways that I can help support other parents who might be feeling the same way. I don’t have any official plans, but it’s where my heart is, right now.

What is the best business advice you have ever received? Truthfully, and I can’t credit any one person for this advice, but over time I’ve come to realize that the world can be mean and cruel. But that doesn’t have to define you. You define yourself by your actions toward others. Try not to let ego guide your conversations. Instead, show people that you genuinely care by being honest and having a thoughtful manner. This has not always been a quality of mine and I’m still working my way out of a people-pleasing mentality, but it has improved the image I see in the mirror.

With people looking to move out of the city and into smaller communities, what advice would you give to those 40 and under moving to Moffat County? Moffat County is small and peaceful because people give each other the room to be who they are. There’s an air of freedom here that is unlike anywhere else, and it makes me proud to call it home. It’s OK to disagree and still have a beer or coffee together.

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