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2 faculty members honored during coronation

Nicole Inglis
John Bolton

For Moffat County High School’s 2009 Homecoming, two faculty members were chosen to be honored at a coronation Thursday for being outstanding educators.

Neither of the chosen two were core subject teachers, but they each have a way of contributing to the everyday success of high school students.

Tanya Bohrer is the smiling face that welcomes students into the building each morning.

John Bolton, band director, works behind the scenes to cultivate the talent of music students.

Tanya Bohrer

Job: Secretary

Years with MCHS: 5

How does it feel to be chosen as an honored faculty member?

“It’s an honor. It was a little surprising; it was just something I didn’t think of. But, I’m honored to be asked. It’ll be good, I get to go to the coronation and everything.”

What’s the best part of the school day?

“At the end of the day when everything is all wrapped up.”

What’s your favorite part of working in the front office at MCHS?

“The kids and the coworkers. The kids really are great. If you’re nice to them, they’re nice to you. You’d be surprised how kind some of them are.”

What do you do after school?

“I run the clock for all of the basketball and volleyball games. It’s really fun to just be around all the people. The extra money helps me get to Denver for treatments (for melanoma). But, it’s also a way of giving back. Everyone’s been real supportive of me.”

What’s your dream vacation?

“I really want to go to Hawaii or Australia. One of the girls here who I’m good friends with is trying to get a trip together for spring break this year, hopefully. I’m just trying to be happy and live my life.”

John Bolton

Job: Band director

Years with MCHS: 6

Do you have to like noise to be a band director?

“You have to thrive on chaos. There comes a time when you just shut it out during the day. But, when I get home, I’m not that tolerant to noise. Eventually you just go deaf to some of the stuff.”

How did you end up a band director?

“I went the professional route for a while, but it was killing me and killing my family. I was doing conferences and events at Utah State (University). I had no time with my family, I got sick, and I couldn’t do the things I needed to do in my personal life. Then I jumped on a job in Walden, in the middle of nowhere, and really haven’t looked back. I feel like I’m even busier now, but I love it.”

What’s your favorite part of the school day?

“First and second hours. I like that these kids are mature enough and they know how to make music. Really, my job is just to fine tune little things here and there, and then just throw literature as them. We just play as much music as we can.”

Why do you think you were chosen as an honored faculty member?

“I don’t know why. I just show up to work everyday. Also, two thirds of the student council is in my group. But, I’m not really a spotlight kind of guy. It’s really the kids. They show up to class every day because they want to be there. They buy their instruments and sign up for the next year because they want to be there.”

What’s the best part about Homecoming for the band?

“When it’s over and that clock reads double zeros and the kids pick up their trash and head back to the band room, because then we’ve accomplished it. It’s a lot of work, but I really like to work and it feels good to finally get it done.”

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