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19 photos of Moffat County Class of 2019 graduation caps

As part of Moffat County High School’s Class of 2019 graduation ceremony, outgoing students took the opportunity to express their creativity, honor their past and look to the future atop their mortarboards.

Whether it was flowers, sports nostalgia, inspirational quotes, pop culture characters or an Instagram account’s worth of beloved photos, many students went the distance.

For sisters Aliceson and Kamryn Jones, their plans to be paired together in seating backfired when they were placed in separate rows. Still, the sentiment remained the same as the two used “Toy Story” stars Buzz Lightyear and Woody with the quote “So long, partner.”

“We’ve been together our whole lives, and now we’re going to different colleges,” Kamryn said, adding she’ll be attending Colorado State University in Fort Collins, with Aliceson headed to Greeley’s University of Northern Colorado.

“We’ll only be about 30 minutes apart,” Aliceson noted.

More than one cap paid tribute to “The Office.”

While Ebawnee Smercina’s cap highlighted Steve Carell’s Michael Scott, Emily Magruder and Jerzey Landa’s caps were nearly identical to each other, blending the sitcom with their own lives, both featuring character Kelly Kapoor with a photo of Magruder on Landa’s cap and vice-versa.

Kelsey Stauffer’s artwork was inspired by a design she saw on Pinterest, coming together as a bundle of sharp geometric shapes, shimmering with gold and black glitter, as well as Bulldog blue and white.

“I thought it’d be good to have the school colors,” she laughed.

Kaleb Younger took inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh to paint the top of his cap, the royal blue of which was just a shade off from the sky in the necktie he was wearing to complete the ensemble.

“I’m a really big art nerd,” he said.

The small masterpiece that sat on his head through the ceremony was an indication of where he hopes go after high school, possibly pursuing an art program in China.

“It’s a long-term and short-term plan. I just want to do it as soon as possible,” he said.