Don Smith
: Community fellowship |

Don Smith
: Community fellowship

To the editor:

In the evening of Thursday many of us were able to experience first hand the camaraderie of our fellow golfers when an elderly man suddenly collapsed at the doorway of the Yampa Valley Golf Course. The gentleman was standing around chatting about his round of golf and the fact that he was getting ready to head to Arizona for the winter when he unexpectedly fell to the floor, and right away everyone sprang into action following every protocol for an emergency to a T.

A phone call to 911 was placed immediately and CPR was started quickly by some of the bystanders. Within a couple of minutes the Sheriff’s department arrived with an AED, and shortly after the ambulance crew arrived.

When the elderly man fell to the ground, I was told he had no pulse and was not breathing, but thanks to the quick actions of all that were involved, the elderly man left the golf course in stable condition.
In a life or death situation seconds are so valuable and everyone used every one like it was the last, and I think this is why the gentleman left in the condition he did. I was truly amazed at how everyone came together at such a time of serious need and the quick response of all of those involved. I am very proud of our members and staff of the Yampa Valley Golf Course for getting the services there and for everything they did until professional help could arrive.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the gentleman and his family.
Thank you all.

Don Smith

President of Yampa Valley Men›s Club  

Thank you

To the editor:

On behalf of the event committee for the Colorado Northwestern Community College Foundation we would like to thank the community, the businesses, the CNCC staff, all the donors and many volunteers that helped boast another fun and successful fundraising for scholarships for CNCC students on Sept. 20.

At last count, and we are still receiving donations, the unofficial total is right at $3,000, which will be matched by one of the three matching grant opportunities offered to CNCC.

We are certain this is the best community ever.

Lois Wymore, Karol Bullen, JoAnn Baxter, Ray Beck, Jane Hume, Phillip Moore, Marilynn Hill and Terry Carwhile

‘Main Street’

To the editor:

Main Street, leaves are a turning.

Little gold, painted there!

Black and white flag, grey with age.

Head tipped, to the fall air.

Falcons falling flight, still calling, “Doves beware?”

Black, giant birds, soar high above.

Armory flag, red, white and blues.

Stretched thin, in the air we love!

GO-CAV, golden lettering, a sign.

Pearls of summer, little flowers,

Reds, white, purplish blues.

Fall, ground dying, tis not the seasons we choose!

Duane Koukol


Coaches merit apology

To the editor:

This is an open letter to Brent Curtis, Moffat County High School superintendent, Kelly McCormick, MCHS principal, and Moffat County School Board in regards to the Moffat County Bulldogs former football coaching staff, Kip Hafey, Lance Scranton, Derek Duran, Shane Hadley, Jason Burhman and Jim Neton:

Justice is the handmaid of truth. Where justice is abandoned, truth refuses to abide.

Considering that the termination of the coaching staff has now been admitted (sort of) as an unjust act, one would suppose that there would be a number of people having sufficient courage to make an apology as clear and distinct as the raucous and grating noise brought into our community with presumed guilt. And this upon those who have served our students for as many as 16 years-plus with completely unblemished records.  

The problem has not been remedied. Not at all. Until Brent Curtis, Kelly McCormick, those board members so quick to assign guilt, come forward with an apology as bold and public as the character assassination brought upon the MCHS football coaching staff, the “fat lady” hasn’t sung.

Truth loves simplicity. So here is a simple truth. If the coaches were fired based on the alleged actions, their teaching contract should be terminated immediately for the safety of all the students. They should be seeking employment elsewhere. If they were not, then the grounds for removing them from their coaching positions were not evidenced and therefore, unjust.  


Rumors are rampant. Quit listening to them and ask some penetrating questions of,, (I’ll spare them from listing their phone numbers available on the MCSD website) the coaches and the board.

I’d also like to know what the Craig Daily Press was thinking when printing sensationalistic front page news. A general statement concerning the awareness of the issue and a surety of thorough follow up would have been sufficient for that day.

What is at stake here? The lives of these coaches, their families and a community unable to discern if justice is part of the Brent Curtis “compass.” If educating kids is his “true north,” then I would suppose that he is aware that not all of education exists within a classroom.

Justice has left … and left a void. Where justice is not served, truth will not stay. So the citizens of Moffat County have reason to doubt the veracity of decisions coming down upon their teachers and children from Brent Curtis, Kelly McCormick and several members of our school board. I am not fond of our civil courts system, but there is a reason we have them. I would not consider our coaches as unreasonable were they to pursue litigation. I think “defamation of character” would be the plaintiff’s charge, and the defendant’s counsel would have to demonstrate that they did not have careless, even willful disregard for these good men and their families. The MCSD and certain school board members, of course, would be the defendants.

Al Cashion


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