Obituary: Austin Lloyd Zimmerman |

Obituary: Austin Lloyd Zimmerman

Austin Lloyd Zimmerman
Courtesy photo

Feb. 7, 1963 — Dec. 11, 2017

Austin is survived by parents Viola, Papa Joe Hernandez, Craig Brothers, Andy (Mel) and Deklan, Riverfalls Wis. Adam, Craig, sister, Aileen (Spud) and Samantha Ketchum, Canon City, Co. Nephew Brandon (Nicole), Mikaela, Madyson Zimmerman, Craig. Nieces Chelsea, Rhiannon, Rhishelle, Prescott, Wis. Preceded in death by sister Meta and brother Allan Zimmerman. Paternal grandparents Jim LaVurn Zimmerman, Maternal grandparents Cecilio- Mary Gutierrez.

A Celebration for Austin Lloyd Zimmerman will be held August 25th at 10 a.m. at the Craig VFW. Lunch will be served afterward.